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  Category: 10004(b)(7) Executive Session Student Discipline

Attorney General Kathy Jennings

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15-IB11 12/11/2015 FOIA Opinion Letter to Mr. Stephen Norman re: FOIA Complaint Concerning Brandywine School Board

Written on: December 11th, 2015 in 10002(g) Meeting10004(b)(7) Executive Session Student Discipline

The petitioner alleged that the Brandywine School Board (the “Board”) violated FOIA by not making a public decision on whether to expunge a student’s record. Held: The Board action regarding a student’s request to expunge a record during executive session at the July 2015 Board Meeting violated FOIA. The Board denied that request by a vote or by consensus achieved while in executive session or in some other non-public forum. The Board is directed to either ratify the aforementioned decision in a public, regular session or formally reconsider the request for expungement and vote upon it in a manner consistent with the conclusions and determinations set forth herein.

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